Use the app!

It came to my attention today that the embedded player on the home page doesn’t work well on mobile devices. It cuts in and out and sometimes you have to close it and reopen it. Kind of a pain on a phone.

So if you’re listening on a phone or other mobile device, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you download the Live365 app on your devices app store (it’s free) and then listen from there. Just install the app, look for “Michigan”, and you should find us right away.

Once you’re streaming the station from the app, be sure to add us as a favorite so we’re easier to bring back on later.

Thanks for listening and thanks for your patience as we get the station rolling and tweaked!

— Anthony

More music, slight outage

We had a tiny outage today when the radio station computer that operates everything had to be rebooted. I try not to do that during the day, but was left with no choice this time. Thankfully, the backup autodj kicked in and though it may have jumped a song or two, we were right back up and running.

I added a BUNCH of “Yacht Rock” music to the library today. It’s not in normal rotation but is IS ready for a special program in the works. On a related note, I’ve been onboarding another on air personality so it’s more than just me sharing with you! 🙂

New music and reliability

I added about 20 new songs today but also removed a few that were kinda too long. I’ll be looking for the single version of those as time permits. I also removed some indy bands from rotation.

In an effort to make the station more reliable, I configured a backup rotation on the Live365 server. So if the connection from the studio to their server ever goes down, it will play a random selection of music. Bottom line: no more dead air! 🙂 This worked last night as I got up this morning and saw that the connection had been lost but the station was still on and playing that backup rotation. Whew!

More tunes added!

Added a bunch more tunes to the library today. They will start playing tomorrow. Paul Young, Night Ranger, Rockwell, Harold Faltermyer, Kenny Loggins, Tracy Ullman, Cyndi Lauper, and more.

I have also written some new liners. I now need to record and produce them. Good stuff is in the works!

Down, back up

Something happened overnight to cause the radio machine to disconnect from the server. It’s up and running now though. I’ll be looking into ways to monitor and respond to that quickly in case it ever happens again.

Kinda hard to keep an eye on things when we’re supposed to be sleeping! 🙂

More music added

I added over 30 songs to the 80’s category today, including The Motels, The Go-Go’s, Michael Sembello, Lionel Richie, Kool and the Gang, Culture Club, Duran Duran, Manhatten Transfer, Melissa Manchester, Quarterflash, Men At Work, and more.

If you have ideas for more artists and songs, please let me know! Just use the Contact page and send a note!

Misc web updates

Two things to share in this update:

  1. We now have an easier URL for sharing our Facebook page. It is simply
  2. The SSL certificate making this site “safe” for browsing should be working now. There was a little hiccup on our website hosting service that I think I fixed.

AND…one more thing…I’m in the studio today playing with voice tracking to provide some entertainment in between songs every so often. No more than 3 times per hour, but you can put a voice to the station now. 🙂

— Anthony

Up and Running!

After proving the concept in 2019, I felt it was time to make a real go of this. Who me? Oh, I’m Anthony Gettig, the guy behind this station project. I started broadcasting in 1983 in high school and have been in it one way or another ever since.

Why radio? Why not YouTube or a podcast? Because radio provides immediacy. A playlist or podcast will not tell you when there is imminent danger like a tornado or flood, but radio will!

With on air personalities that live here in our beautiful state, we’ll have conversations with you that are relevant and relatable.

So why streaming radio and not AM or FM? Three reasons: cost, availability, and coverage. The cost of purchasing a station is astronomical. The FCC is not accepting applications for new stations at this time. And why be limited to just one area when we can reach the whole state (and beyond) by streaming?

The cost of getting up and running as a streaming station is WAY more within the reach of mere mortals like myself. Apps make it easy to listen anywhere and many people have unlimited mobile data. At some point, I hope we can expand to an FM signal, but I’m happy for these humble beginnings.

We are ALWAYS open to constructive comments. Please feel free to let us know what you think on the contact form or via email. Blessings!